Play To Help Those in Need


Welcome to Charity Cities

This is a website where you can play for charity! Earn enough points and move to be part of a tribe of players, and keep earning points until you build the city of charity, where every donation is repurposed or used towards the betterment of your city.

Learn How Charity Cities Can Help Less Privileged People

Charity Cities is an app developed to create a fun and competitive way for people to help different charities. Through our app, gamers and well-doers from all over the world can give a lending hand to the world.

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Earn Points While Doing Charity

Anyone can accumulate points on our website and app by donating to charities and doing something that would help the world. You can also collect plastic and glass bottles and repurpose them into useful products.

Get in Touch With Us Today

Use our app today and become a member to start making the world a better place for those in need. To learn more about our app and services, contact one of our staff today. We are looking forward to hearing from you!